Photo Gallery

For all winners who uses “Sasaki Cue”


I am so glad about your victories and I will do my best to make better cue to support your performance at the competitions.

I wish your great success in the future.

JPBF Pro Player

Yuko Nshimoto 2013Yuko Nishimoto (JPBF)

2013year Ladies 3-Cushion grand prix Champion

Oh Takeshima 2012
Oh Takeshima (JPBF)

2012year 3-Cushion All-Japan Championship Champion


Tuyoshi Suzuki 2008 Tuyoshi Suzuki 2008

Tsuyoshi Suzuki player (JPBF)

2008year 3-Cushion All-Japan Championship Champion
11/17/2010 Asian Game GOLD MEDAL




Toshitaka Hamada player

2012year 3-Cushion Senior in Seoul Champion


Ryo Motomatsu 2011/2012
Ryo Motomatsu  

2011year The 61st Amateur All-Japan Champion
2012year The 62st Amateur All-Japan Champion



Overseas expedition

Sasaki 2007 Suwon 3C World Cup



2007 Suwon in Korea
Three Cushion World Cup



Sasaki 2013 Guri 3C World Cup


2013 Guri in Korea
Three Cushion World Cup





Sasaki & Papdakis in Trisponto in Greece


2013 Trispont in Greece
With Mr. Papadakis



Sasaki & Kasidokostos Filipos in Trispont in Greece2013 Trispont in Greece
With Mr. Kasidokostas