About Sasaki Cue

“It’s all hand made custom cue.”
Sasaki Cue make original cues since 2000.
“95% of Sasaki Cue is made for Carom Billiard.”
The founder of “Sasaki Cue” Hiroshi. Sasaki is a professional Carom Billiard player since 1986. Using his experience for making best cue for Carom Billiard.
“The quality is for your best performance!”
The material of the cue is chosen not only for design but also the performance. We know that spin control, power control, feeling of the hitting balls are very important for the players performance.

Sasaki Tips

It is made of eleven layers of high quality soft pig skin. It makes great feeling of hitting the ball and advanced at straitness of the momentum.

Tatsuo. ARAI (JPBF licensed professional player) has been using it and became Japan Professional Billiards Federation 2014 Champion.


COMING SOON  ❝ New Sasaki Tips

Break Cue & Jump Cue

Break Cue & Jump CueSouth Korea(Kim Jin Ah), Taiwan, China’s professional player is using it.

Distributor for Japanese Market:NEW ART Co.LTD.
4-20-9 Matsunami, Chuo-Ku, Chiba, JAPAN   260-0044

Hiroshi. SASAKI

Born in 1951 in Fukuoka Japan.
Registerd Three Cushion Billiard Player at JPBF ( Japan Professional Billiards Federation ) since 1986.




International Cuemakers  Association

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